Transmissions are becoming more and more compact and complex. With friction-minimizing, weight-reducing solutions, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is shifting into high gear in transmission technology and getting innovations moving: in manual, hybrid, double-clutch and advanced automatic transmissions.
Whether the product is the low-friction Quantum® seal or a piston-type accumulator, the Freudenberg product line meets the auto industry’s requirements for both reduced fuel consumption and weight with extraordinarily high reliability and a long operating life.

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Rainer Joest,
President Automotive Sales and Marketing

Matthew Chapman

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Matthew Chapman

President Automotive Sales and Marketing

Friction Reduction

PEEK / PTFE / Thrust Washer

Advancement in transmission technology

Technological advances result from material expertise. Even in transmission technology. In dual clutch transmissions, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is meeting increased requirements in rotary feedthroughs with new developments made of the material PEEK (polyetheretherketone). In conventional automatic transmissions, closed or slotted sealing rings substantially reduce leakage rates. Here PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is the material of choice. 

Freudenberg conceived of its innovative polymer thrust washer as a replacement for bearings made of sintered metal and aluminum. This plastic part is distinguished by its high strength, rigidity, resistance to oils and chemicals, and outstanding frictional and wear characteristics at increased pressures and speeds. For even higher-performing transmissions.

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A good team

Transmission technology and original Simmerrings® from Freudenberg – for decades, they have been an inseparable team. In their roles as shaft input and output seals, Simmerrings® have proven themselves again and again as a pacesetter for technical progress, currently with a special “low friction design”  for less friction and wear, in combination with the material innovation ACM 380, for long-term leak tightness and wide temperature ranges.



Floating on a hydrodynamic cushion of oil, the all new LEVITAS transmission seal rings reduce friction and wear to an absolute minimum. 

Despite the fact that there is no physical contact between the seal and the shaft, the sealing function is not compromised, thus LEVITAS seals offer full functionality combined with the lowest possible torque - resulting in significant reductions of CO2 emissions.

Bonded piston seals

Continually in shape

Bonded pistons are a critical component of automatic transmissions as well as dual clutch and CVT transmissions. They ensure the piston’s efficient, secure movement with the least possible friction and low hysteresis – over the long haul! As of now, they are available to customers from production facilities in Europe in addition to the U.S. and China.

Weight Reduction

Plastic parts from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

Weighty arguments

Lightweight construction is a weighty consideration when it comes to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Replacing metal with plastic often cuts components’ weight by half. Plastic parts from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offer additional advantages, including design freedom and functional integration. The benefit is always the same: Installation spaces can be designed more compactly and are ideally utilized.

Curbe Gaskets

Making waves

The Curve Gasket is an innovative seal that saves both space and material. It allows engine and transmission components to be made smaller and lighter. Thanks to the unique wave-shaped design of this patented development, less contact pressure and force are needed to press the seal stably into its groove. Lids and covers can have thinner – and thus lighter – walls.


Hydraulic accumulators

Peak performance under pressure

The job of a hydraulic accumulator is to supply energy on short notice while conserving energy and reducing weight. Start-stop systems as well as dual clutch and automatic transmissions require energy. Hydraulic accumulators deliver it right from the outset. They cover pressure peaks and make it possible for the entire hydraulic system to be designed more compactly. Lightweight piston-type accumulators have been developed especially for the auto industry; they employ gas in the interior and aluminum and plastic in the pistons.

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